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Shoumya Chowdhury
BSc Engineer in EEE from CUET
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1. Munim Shahriar Jawad

SSC Graduate in Science from CCS.
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I'm an achievement driven person with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm to learn new things. Creating something out of nothing fascinates me and the uncertainties of the process involved , work as my source of motivation. Challenges hardly scare me because I wholeheartedly believe that "you don't lose until and unless you yourself give up."

2. Ratnajit Dhar
SSC Graduate in Science from Chittagong Collegiate School

The main aim of my life is to spread happiness towards other.Life is full of uncertain events and we don't know what will be our next step, this mystery of life encourages me to face this life.Taking risks, facing challenges helps me to go forward. I am my own motivator.

3. Sunayan Barua Niloy
SSC Graduate in Science from CCS

I am Sunayan Barua. I live in Chittagong,Banglades­h. I am capable of achieving good things. And I look for positivity in all things. It encourages me to do something well for the society.

4. Anurag Dev
SSC Graduate in Science from CCS

I'm a typical down to earth human,who appreciates even the smallest of things. The simplicity and at the same time complexity of things amazes me. I keep true to my roots , though learning more and more intrigues me but cultural side of my heritage is my passion.

5. Nafees Sadat
SSC Graduate in science from Nasirabad Government High School.


I'm Nafees Sadat who  simply is a mirthful person. My strength is my attitude that I love to take challenges that people think I can't do and it makes me happy when I prove them wrong. I also like to spread happiness around me. That's why I always put a smile on my face either I'm in a good mood or not. My ethic is "Work in silence and let your success speak".

6. Tanvir Hassan 
SSC Graduate in Science from CCS

I am Tanvir Hassan.I live in Chittagong.I am an ordinary person with a joyful mind who believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.i usually have a positive attitute about facing life. It helps me to take challenges and accomplish them.I believe in a proverb goes,"If  you dont like your destiny,dont accept it.Instead have the courage to change it the way u want it to be"

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